Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Resource Materials Are Available To Assist My Preparation, Teaching?

Some links that will be helpful in preparing my students for this fieldtrip are as follows:

This is the arboretums official website where students and teachers can find general information about the arboretum. The website has some information and descriptions on the different types of plants that are housed there. The website offers a brief history and heritage of how the arboretum got started and who keeps it running. It also has a link to discuss the educational programs it offers to local schools and students.

This website is very beneficial for 3rd graders who want to explore and get to understand the different types of biomes the earth has. It briefly gives a description of each biome. It gives the students examples of the different types of animals that occupy that biome, what animals are endangered and where the biome is located on the globe. Overall, this website is very informative and it helps students learn complex things in an exciting way.

This is another beneficial website for 3rd graders who are interested in learning about how plants and animals make adaptions in order to survive in their environment. It has worksheets and fun activities that show students how animals migrate over time, how nature works, how plants grow, labeling the parts of a plant and the life cycle of a plant. This is a very resourceful website that breaks down complex concepts into smaller segments. The website is designed to teach the students the information and then provide them with a fun filled activity to practice the knowledge learned.

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