Monday, September 7, 2009

What Would I Need To Do To Adequately Prepare My Students Before The Visit?

Before taking the students on the fieldtrip the students will need to have had exposure to the different types of regions around the world. The students will be able to recognize the different biomes such as rainforest, savanna, temperate forest, grasslands, coniferous forest, tundra, desert and chaparral. The students would need to be able to compare and contrast the different regions and understand that California's regions consist mainly of desert and chaparral. I would also expose them to the different types of climate, vegetation and animals that occupy each region. I would make sure to provide different types of learning strategies to help my students acquire the new information at- hand. Visual representations, video clips, pictures and graphic organizer are great tools to help the students make a connection with what they have learned. Once the students have had enough exposure to the material, I would plan a trip to the arboretum. I would make several accommodations for my EL students and special needs students. I would prepare worksheets ahead of time that list the different regions. Each region would have a picture similar to the one the class is observing. I would also have written out brief notes with pictures to help my EL students connect the words to what they are actually seeing and learning. The students will be encouraged to take notes either by writing small phrases or drawing pictures. Lastly, I would pair my EL's with a Fluent English speaker who can help them develop their academic language as well as provide support and ensure that they are staying on task and learning the material.

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