Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Special Benefits Could My Students Gain Form Visting This FieldTrip Site?

Before I visited the arboretum with my 3rd class, I did some research online to find out more about the different types of plants and regions the arboretum displays. I was able to determine that I would be able to integrate several content-areas into this one Fieldtrip. After I spent some time backwards planning, I determined that I would be able to teach my students about the different regions in California. My 3rd grade students would get to learn about how each region differs from one another. They would get to explore and see the different types of plants, vegetation and climate that occur in each region and record the information in a science journal. I would also integrate social studies into the lesson by having my students locate the different regions on a map. For the students final project they would be required to write a brief report on their favorite region. The fieldtrip is beneficial to the students because they will be able to obtain more information, take pictures and make visual connections with the content being taught.

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