Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Will I Do To Debrief Students After I Have Attended The Fieldtrip?

I will debrief my students by:
*Having a class discussion about the fieldtrip. What did they like about the fieldtrip? What didn't they like? If you could have the opportunity to take another fieldtrip where would you go? Why? What did they learn from this fieldtrip?
* Having them take out their science journals and share the notes they took at the arboretum with a partner. Students will be discussing what regions and plants they found most interesting.

* Completing a graphic organizer that categorizes each region they observed. Students will need to list examples of the different plants and animals that came be found in that region (This will help them prepare for their final project).

* Students will be encouraged to print out their pictures from the arboretum and use them in their final project.

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