Friday, September 4, 2009

Pictures of the Arboretum!

The first two pictures are part of the desert collection. The last picture is of the Ombu tree. I found this tree to be very interesting. The name Ombu means" Lighthouse". It has a huge form and stands more than 60 feet tall with the canopy just as wide.It typically grows in grassland. The trees sap is poisonous and the trunk is fireproof. It is said that it is the only tree to rise above the grassland plateau. The Ombu was often used for shelter.


  1. We did the same field trip and it seems like a fun and informative one. I really like your ideas about how you would incorporate your E.L. students. I think a graphic organizer would be a valuable aid. I really enjoyed your pictures and information.

  2. Ashley,
    Nice work on your blog! Sounds like you learned something new and exciting during your trip.
    Dr. G